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To provide to our customers the knowledge of the terms and conditions of each one of our services and sales of products, so our partners can understand what is included in the services we provide.

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General public


General terms and conditions.

  • All of our prices include taxes (16% IVA)
  • Home pickup will only apply in the city of Tijuana 2.5 Km around our facilities located at Blvd. Diaz Ordaz 14072-22 Fracc. José Sandoval, Plaza Don Gonzalo Tijuana B.C. CP. 22125. Any service that requires pickup outside the established area, requires a previous quote that can be requested via e-mail: administracion@friendara.com or via phone call: (664) 688 89 15.
  • Payments of any of our services must be fully covered before the home pickup. Cash and card payments are accepted. Cash payments will have to be the exact amount if possible, if not, a request for change to management will be required at the moment of signing on to your service. Card payments will have a 4% added charge.
  • Only 1 (one) certificate per service will be issued, in the event of misplacing it, you must submit a letter requesting a reposition to administracion@friendara.com. the reposition will have an additional cost of $100.00 MXN. The letter mentioned before, must be addressed to Administracion Friendara (management) and has to include the following elements:
    • Name and race of the pet
    • Date of death
    • Type of service offered ( ceremony with individual incineration, individual incineration, collective incineration)
    • Reason of reposition
    • Name and signature of tutor.
  • The process of reposition of the death certificate will be issued the same way the first certificate was issued, and it can only be collected by the tutor.
  • The services we offer cannot be altered, no other product and/or service different to the ones included in the service can be customized. For instance, if the service requested includes 3 items, these cannot be modified and/or cannot be omitted to reduce the cost of the service.
  • All pet corpses must be brought to our facilities in a black bag completely sealed. If you are walking-in to request a service, make sure you follow these indications, and our personnel will make the collection at the curbside of the facility.
  • Tutors’ personal information will be verified by presenting an official ID card, and before introducing the corpse to Friendara, the information must be double checked to avoid errors issuing the documents.
  • If you want to save an item as a memory, separate the ashes in different urns or a reliquary, you must notice the personnel at the collection of the corpse.
  • Fingerprints will be collected to make a memorial frame. They are not customizable, they are true copies that are collected moments before the incineration process begins. Once the incineration process has begun, it is imposible to suspend it.


Terms and conditions per service.


  • Using the chapel: the maximum capacity is 8 people. The time limit is 1 hour. If you are planning in using it for more time, you must request it at the time of scheduling your ceremony.
  • About the setting of the chapel: flowers, candles, and setting items that are at the chapel during the ceremony are property of Friendara, therefore, by any circumstance the customers are allowed to take them.
  • About the coffee service: during your stay, Friendara will provide coffee service (sugar and cream). Outside food and beverages are not allowed.
  • About the 1 hour offered in the service requested: The ceremony can be scheduled once the corpse of your pet is at Freiendara’s facilities, and it will be confirmed with the family, after that, the information will be submitted into our system.
  • About the memorial video: the video included is composed of pictures provided by the customer, in digital format (.jpg) and it will have a maximum of 10 pictures, that must be sent 12 hours before the ceremony, in order for our team to create the video. The pictures must be sent to: administracion@friendara.com
  • About your pet’s corpse: the pickup will be executed the same day requested, as long as the service request is made before noon. The pickup request must be completed via phone call -(664) 688 89 15
  • Ashes delivery time might vary depending on how much time the incineration process takes, and preparation of ashes and urn. It might take from 6 to 24 hours.
  • The urn will be delivered to the customer in Friendara’s regular customer service hours: Monday-Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.
  • About the ceremony “In Memory of”: It is virtual and it will be uploaded to our webpage friendara.com in the “EN MEMORIA” section. In case of not wanting the image to be uploaded, or wanting to modify the information that will be uploaded, let us know via e-mail at administracion@friendara.com


Individual Incineration

  • This service does not include a ceremony, and does not allow the presence of family members during the incineration process.
  • If after incineration, the customer desires to use the chapel, the ceremony service must be requested, allowing the customer to have access to all the services of the ceremony.
  • About the corpse pickup: it will be executed on the next 24 hours after requesting the service through the phone. Phone number: (664) 688 89 15.
  • How much time it takes us to deliver your pet’s ashes, depends on oven availability, incineration duration, and ash preparation in the urn. It might take from 24 to 72 hours.
  • The urn will be delivered in Friendara’s regular customer service hours: Monday-Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.


Collective Incineration

  • Does not include ceremony
  • Does not include ash recovery and/or urn. In case of wanting ash recovery, you must request one of our other two services.
  • The death certificate comes in a digital format, a physical format will have an additional cost of $100.00 MXN.


Returns and cancellations

Service cancellations and returns

  • In case of requesting a cancellation, you must send a letter to administracion@friendara.com containing the following information:
    • Name of who made the purchase
    • Date of purchase
    • Service requested
    • Reason of cancellation

The refund will be possible as long as the cancellation is requested no more than 7 workdays after your purchase, and the service has not begun. If more than 7 days have passed, you will be only refunded a 70% percent of the total amount payed, as long as the service has not yet started.


  • If the service procedures have already started, no refund can be processed.
  • If you request a cancellation after a corpse pickup, you will be charged an extra 25% of the service, as operating charges.


Returns and exchanges of products at our online store

  • In order to return or exchange an item you must show your receipt.
  • In order to return or exchange a purchase, you must hand the product and all of the items that compose it.
  • Refunds for services already completed are not possible. If you want to request a refund or exchange for a product purchased in bad conditions, send us an e-mail to administracion@friendara.com with the following information:
    • Name of who made the purchase
    • Date of purchase
    • Product
    • Description of damaged product
    • Visual evidence that shows damaged product (picture of product)
  • The damaged product must be brought back, in order to perform a product exchange.
  • Returns and exchanges are not applicable if the customer caused the damaging of the product.
  • For any other type of return, reach us at (664) 688 89 26 or at administacion@friendara.com



  1. Changes made to this document must be updated in the webpage, to the terms and conditions button.
  2. The effects of any change made to this document will depend on weather the webpage is updated with the new changes added to this document. The webpage must be updated no more than one business day  after the changes were made.
  3. Changes made to this document must be authorized by general direction.

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